5 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Apart From Weight Loss

Disclaimer: There’s more to fasting than losing a couple of kilos. So in this blog, we’re only going to share benefits of intermittent fasting APART FROM WEIGHT LOSS.

Are you scared by the name of fasting or are you ready to fast even on a day’s notice?

It doesn’t matter if you’re fit or sick, overweight or thin, or confused about starving or binge-eating. We’re going to introduce you to the easiest way to fast – 16 hours fasting or intermittent fasting. The kind of fasting embraced by ancient scriptures and confirmed by modern science.

What do you have to do? Simply eat your meals within an 8 hour window during the day and avoid eating for the rest of the 16 hours.

Starvation vs Intermittent Fasting.

If you were looking for the most accessible way to try fasting, 16 hours fasting is what you need. But before we dive into how you should approach it, let’s understand why it can transform your life. So here are 5 incredible benefits of intermittent fasting that you should know about.

1. Fasting Helps Every Organ in Your Body to Perform Better

Okay, you were ready to believe that fasting has more benefits than losing weight. After all, it’s just your gut you’re giving a rest from digestion. So how is it going to help every organ in your body? It’s time you found about the true power of a clean and healthy gut.

Did you know each part of your gut is directly connected to the functioning of a unique part of your body? So if there’s waste blocking stuck in a certain part of the colon, don’t be surprised to see problems in the organ connected to that part.

How your colon health directly affects the health of your organs.

Your gut is the gateway through which the rest of your organs receive their nourishment. It can be your guardian or your enemy, depending on the kind of food you eat, and how often you eat.

16 hours fasting is more than a break for your digestive system. It’s a vacation for all your organs. Your pancreas get a break from producing insulin, liver gets a break from making bile, and the stomach gets a break from producing digestive juices. This allows them to function optimally without wasting unnecessary energy.

2. Helps Bring Back Healthy Hunger

How do you know when you’re really hungry? Now we’re not going to lecture you about true hunger and fake hunger right now. Isn’t it best if you could find that out yourself? What’s the best way to do it? By pushing your body’s reset button through 16 hours fasting.

Unfortunately, eating 3 heavy meals a day with multiple snacking sessions has become the norm today. Why do we end up feeling hungry every 2-4 hours and still feel lethargic and timid after eating if that hunger was genuine?

When you’re still struggling to find out the difference between real hunger vs fake hunger.

Did you know research studies have shown that overweight people can’t receive the right signals to tell them that they are full? That’s because their hormones are functioning abnormally due to their abnormal eating patterns.

When you fast, your body can learn to regulate the release of the right hormones. This helps you naturally experience real hunger. These hormones will also warn you when you’re getting full on time so that you avoid overeating. The benefits of intermittent fasting aren’t just limited to those who are overweight, but also to those who are struggling with binge eating disorders.

3. Fasting Makes Your Brain Work Faster

What is the sign of a healthy mind? A mind free from clutter and free to focus, isn’t it? But most of your energy is tied up with digestive work when you’re eating something or the other throughout the day. How much of your energy? About 70%!

How fasting affects your brain.

Do you know why so many of us feel like skipping breakfast before a big exam? It’s because we need our energy for heavy duty mental work. Studies have also showed that intermittent fasting produces BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor).

This protein greatly enhances the building new pathways in your brain and protecting brain cells from damage. You’ll begin to see clear changes in your memory and learning speed within weeks. You won’t even waste time planning your day from one meal to the next. Your mind will be free to pursue things that really matter to your growth.

4. Increases Your Immunity

Have you noticed that animals refuse to eat when they’re sick? Even if you offer them their favourite treat, they’ll prefer to quietly rest in a corner without eating anything. On the other hand, we keep pushing each other to eat when we fall sick. You must’ve heard this trademark dialogue in your home – “How will you get energy to recover if you don’t eat?”

The truth is you can only get energy to recover when you take a break from eating. If we don’t keep our stomach empty for some time, then no matter how healthy you eat, no matter how many green veggies, juices, fruits and nuts you consume, it’s not going to help at all! Your stomach has no space to digest them at all. It’s already full.

A quote by Hippocrates explaining the importance of fasting when we’re sick.

Your cells go through a deep purification that reduces inflammation in your body and throws out any waste. By constantly eating and suppressing our symptoms with medicine, the pileup of waste goes on building. Soon, it gives birth to chronic diseases like Diabetes, high BP, PCOD, heart disease, obesity, acne, and many others.

If you would like to find out what your immunity level is, watch this video. We guarantee that just one month of 16 hour fasting will help you bring your immunity score up.

5. Helps You Naturally Make Healthier Choices

Take a look at the food around you. Do you know which ones are healthy and which ones are addictive? A big reason why we struggle to keep track of HOW MUCH to consume is because of WHAT we consume. Highly addictive foods like caffeine, trans-fats, processed sugars, alcohol and tobacco have become a part of our lifestyle. Whether we’re celebrating or depressed, we turn to these substances first because we’ve become so hooked to them.

The concerns of someone who is fasting.

Fasting can reset everything from our taste buds to our gut microbiome. Our community members often report how 3 day juice fasts have helped them get rid of these addictions and appreciate the taste of healthy foods properly.

So if you’re locked up in negative patterns, fasting can help you break free from them. It brings you back in touch with the natural intelligence of your body to recognize what is healthy for your body and what is not.

Tell us in the comments below about the benefits of intermittent fasting that you personally experienced.

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