Five Satvic ways to cool yourself in summers

Here are some quick ways to cool your body & mind despite the rise in temperature!

It is that time of the year again when sweat is dripping from your face, the sun is shining bright all day, and you find yourself running for shade and some instant cooling- YES, it is summertime at its peak!

In this blog, we are going to tell you 5 ways you can cool down your body in the sweltering heat, the Satvic way. 🙂

1. Cool your intestines

We often try to just cool our physical body and do not pay attention to the heat building up inside our systems, which is what leads to diseases. It is common for the body to heat up internally when the temperatures are rising outside. But, you can ensure that it is prepared to take on the weather by cleaning it from all the accumulated waste which causes inflammation. It’s time to give your intestines a bath!

Just like our external self, our internal organs also need to be cleansed and detoxified from time to time to ensure they remain cool and healthy. And one such tool which helps us to achieve this instantly is, ENEMA.

The Satvic Movement Enema Kit

Enema is a simple, pain-free process of irrigating your intestines with plain, room temperature water to flush out the hard, encrusted toxins which are the cause of diseases such as constipation, diabetes, thyroid etc.

You can watch the video tutorial on how to take an enema here.

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2. Cool your stomach

There’s no better way to start the feeding cycle of the day for your stomach than to give it freshly squeezed Ash-Gourd Juice! Ash gourd is the most ‘pranic‘ vegetable available to us, i.e. it is the most, wholesome and water-rich food item gifted to us by Mother Nature. Therefore, taking one glass of ash-gourd juice every morning is the best way to kickstart your day and cool down your entire body.

As soon as you slowly squish and gulp this magic detox drink, it reaches your digestive system and starts acting as a scrubber, taking out the stubborn waste material stuck to your intestines and helping release them through the excretory channels.

Drink one glass of ash gourd juice daily

3. Cool your food

As much as it is important to have refreshing drinks, it is also equally essential to have natural coolants on your plate. Okay, take a guess here, which food items do you feel will be the coolest to consume in this climate. Hot & spicy pakoras? Garma-garam chai and coffee? Or greasy gravy-based curries and oily paranthas? While these options might be making your mouth salivate right now, they are not the best things you should be putting in your system, especially in summers. The right answer is- Fresh Fruits & Raw Vegetables.

The idea is to follow the LWPW principle, i.e., eating only Living, Wholesome, Plant-based & Water-rich food. Having a plate full of juicy mono fruits or two, three varieties of your choice is the perfect summer breakfast recipe. But, remember to only have seasonal and regional fruits. Also, eat as many leafy green veggies as possible, along with raw salads of other seasonal vegetables. Limit your grain consumption to only once a day to give your body a refreshing energy boost by lightening up the stomach.

Here are a few delicious recipe ideas to whip up a fruity spread for a more colourful morning:

4. Cool your body- instantly!

Have you ever wondered why the cooling from the electricity guzzling, CFCs emitting air conditioner only laststill it is switched on, or only for the time you sit in a closed room waiting for it to give you the ‘chills’?

Because, it is only trying to cool the air around you, not your body and thus, the effect of this artificial cooling wears off as soon as you walk out of this technologically-produced cool air. So, how is one supposed to remain cool despite the need to go out in fresh air and get some ventilation (and save on the electricity bill!).

One instant way to bring down the temperature of your body is to apply a WET PACK. A wet pack is a simple cotton cloth, preferably white and one metre long, dipped in normal temperature water, squeezed, and wrapped around the forehead, neck and stomach. What this substitute for a mud pack does is, that it creates a temperature difference in the body, allowing for the blood circulation to improve. And, guess what, this makes the stubborn toxins move too, eventually allowing them to get out of your system naturally!

The many benefits of applying a wet pack

A wet pack (buy a set here) is also extremely effective in case of headaches, sometimes caused as a detox symptom while following the Satvic Lifestyle.

5. And finally, cool your MIND!

While it is great to cool down your body to begin your day on a refreshing note, it is even better to top it up with a cool and calm state of mind. And how does one achieve that? Through Pranayama & Meditation.

A focused, mindful breathwork goes a long way in syncrhonising our body and bringing our mind back in the moment, down to the most basic thing that matters. Similarly, meditation allows us to let go of all the worries which occupy and eventually heat up our head leading to issues like anger, frustation, jealousy, insecurity etc. Releasing these emotions through the simple techniques of ‘dhyana‘, and a more advanced ‘sadhana‘, goes a long way in ensuring our mental health is also good, along with our physical well-being.

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