Try these Satvic Summer Drinks this season

Three easy-to-make & yummy Satvic summer drinks.

If you are looking for some refreshing coolers to help you beat this heat, then we are here to help you with a few interesting drink recipes!

Here are three ‘thande-thande‘ coolers that you can easily make in the comfort of your home:

1. Khatta Meetha Aam Panna

How can we talk about summers and not start with mangoes! Aam Panna is the classic sweet and tangy raw mango drink which you can now try in its Satvic version 😀

This one is made using dates instead of the regular refined sugar, which is nothing but a white poison.

Here’s how you can make it:

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Ingredients (please use appropriate measuring cups and spoons for exact measurements):


  • Mix all the ingredients in a blender and voila, your aam panna is ready! Oh, so simple. 🙂

Because the real joys in life are simple yet the most satisfying; just like a glass full of chilled aam panna!

2. No Coffee Cold Coffee

Shhh, don’t tell anybody that you haven’t used any coffee to make this ‘coffee-licious’ drink! The coffee lovers are going to be in for a big surprise with this swap.

Why choose a stimulant, when you can use a caffeine-free coffee powder instead?! Here’s how to make this unique concoction:

We are going to take the help of the humble chickpeas (safed chhole) to make this ‘no chik-chik‘ coffee.

Steps to make the coffee powder:

  • Take 100 gm of chickpeas and roast them lightly on a claypan. Do this for at least 20 min to ensure the chickpeas turn dark brown in colour.
  • Once this is done, take the pan off the flame and let the chickpeas cool down for a bit. Then, churn them in a blender. Your aromatic coffee powder is ready. This can be transferred into an airtight container and stored in the fridge as well.

Steps to make the cold coffee:

  • Put 1 cup coconut milk in the blender (keep this in the fridge for at least 3 hrs prior to the preparation of the drink). To learn how to take out coconut milk at home, watch the video below.
  • Add 3 whole dates, without the seeds. Now, sprinkle 1 tsp of the above-made coffee powder in this mixture and blend everything together!

Do try fooling your friends with this recipe and note their amazing reactions to knowing that this drink has no actual coffee powder in it. 😛

3. Hari Bhari Satvic Chaas

We are going to surprise you once again by telling you that you won’t need milk to make this chaas! It has the same goodness of mint, the same dash of roasted cumin and rock salt, but our magic star ingredient alongside; Coconut Milk- which tastes as delicious and creamy as the animal milk we are so habituated to drinking but a much healthier and planet-friendly alternative.

Here is how to make this 6-ingredients-chaas in 10 minutes in your kitchen:

Add the following items to a blender-

  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup mint leaves
  • 2.5 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp rock salt
  • 1 tsp roasted cumin powder

Blend the mixture for 10 seconds, and you are now ready to serve thandithandi chaas to your family or guests. This recipe is hit amongst our community members during our offline workshops!

If you wish to learn more such recipes, please buy the Satvic Food Book which has the secret for over 80 plant-based, healthy & nutritious, yet very tasty Satvic dishes. To order online, click here. It is even available at select bookstores in both Hindi & English languages.

To watch a quick video tutorial of the above recipes, click here:

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